Literary House Review Reader Comments  October 2008  First Edition


My copy of Literary House Review looks great. It's looks a lot moer sophisticated than most journals I come across and the layout and design are top notch. Thanks for including my story and I hope we can work together in the future.
Richard Denocourt



Dear Victoria,
I got my copies today.  Just wanted to thank you and say they are very very well done.  When is the Hudson View issue coming out?  Also please let me know next time you are planning to publish again.  Your publications are amongst the most professional I have seen in the world of poetry.  Thank you again.
Michael Frey


Hi, Victoria-

My copies arrived. This premier issue of Lit House is really marvelous! I will take a copy with me to read on the plane and look forward to writing a review thereafter.


Hi Victoria!

     I got my Literary House Reviews today!  WOW!  Gorgeous!  It was such an eclectic collection.  Really something for everybody!  Each piece was a feast for the every-man.  Nothing pretentious or choking in scholarly shackles.  Just an easy, enjoyable read.  I was particularly touched by the poetry of C. Boussom Jr., Jacob Erin-Cilberto, and Michael Frey, and the stories woven by Steve Cartwright and D.B. Williams.  Just beautiful!  Oh, and I'm rather partial to page 199.  :)  Thank you for letting me rest among these fine artists.

                ~Sandee Lyles


"great stories, wonderful poems and beautiful layout. Literary House is an elegant magazine with delectible offerings of food for the mind."

jacob erin-cilberto


Wow, wow, and Wow! A writer who is speechless. Wow!


Ann Hite
contributor to Marlo Thomas'
The Right Words at the Right Time, Vol. 2, Your Turn
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Victoria, I love it love it love it!!!!!  Wonderful.  I can't wait until the Pushcart nominees are announced!  Thanks so much, I am very pleased with the LHR!

Karla Ungrean

Dearest Victoria,
You have outdone yourself yet again.  Literary House Review's cover is simple
yet elegant featuring wonderful well-written stories and poetry.  I've read about
half the book so far and looking forward to reading the other half.  Many of the
poems are expressed with such eloquence, soliloquy, descriptive, and rhetoric,
creatively, articulatively written.  I simply can't wait to finish reading the rest.
I'm sure I will be delighted in every way as I have been with the first half of this
wonderful book.  I extend deepest praise to you and all you have accomplished.
May you continuously soar and reach for the sky!
Annette Nasser
Editor, Celebrated Thoughts (c) 2007


The prose and poetry in LHR does what all good writing should do.It sheds light on the human condition and that light makes the journey that much easier for all of us.ELizabeth Dougherty Dolan