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Literary House Review 2007: an invigorating new small press publication with high ambitions.


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October 2007 - New York, USA

Literary House Review 2007 is a first-rate collection of short stories and poetry featuring forty-seven international authors, with an introduction by Stephanie Pope. This smartly-designed first annual edition (5.5 x 8.5 on #55 creme paper, and attractively bound with black and gold "tuxedo" laminated cover), proudly produced by publishing dynamo Victoria Valentine in October 2007, boldly asserts itself as an evocative breath of fresh air in the small press literary industry. Reasonably priced at US$16.00, this 224-page collection of sixteen stories and forty-one poems also showcases literary works by six Pushcart nominees: Russell H. Krauss (“Smokers”), D.B. Williams (“Winter Eyes”), Elizabeth Dougherty Dolan (“Taking Her Home”), Steve Cartwright (“Stand And Walk”), Jacob Erin-Cilberto (“Bucket Seats and The Road Behind Us”), and Sandee Lyles (“Backyard Lifeline”).


Victoria Valentine founded Skyline Publications in 2001, and has since

expanded her “family” of literature publications to include: Water Forest Press, Night Wind Publishing, Skyline Magazines, Hudson View, Poet Express, Haiku Haven, Literary House, SpinningS...intense tales of life, Roses-And-Rainbows, and now LiteraryHouseReview. All Skyline publications afford readers quality reading which reflects dedication and vision on the part of the contributing authors, editors and the publisher. Literary House Review 2007, serving up whopping portions of captivating drama, mysterious thrillers, romance and heartwarming fiction interwoven with exceptional poetry, is no exception.


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